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7 College Water Polo Recruiting Questions, Answered

Student-athletes can begin preparing for the recruiting process as early as 8th grade, from early recruiting to National Signing Day. No matter when you start, you’re bound to have questions along the way, so we’re here to answer all your questions about when you can start recruiting, and when you can commit to a team.

When does recruiting start for college water polo?
NCAA rules prohibit communication between college coaches and student-athletes until after June 15 of a recruit’s sophomore year, or June 1 of their Junior year, depending on the division.

Before June 15 of your sophomore year, focus on researching water polo programs and getting your name out to coaches, even though the coaches can’t respond. 

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What is early recruiting?
Before coaches are permitted to contact student-athletes, they are building a list of potential recruits by evaluating highlight videos, tournaments, college camps, and showcases. This is why it’s a good time to reach out and get on their list and recruiting board.

Will college coaches reach out to my college or club coach?
Depending upon the college coach, they might contact high school and club coaches to let them know they are interested in you and ask questions about you.

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When can coaches start making verbal offers?
College coaches can start making verbal offers as early as they are allowed to contact you. Again, this will be in June of either your sophomore or junior year, depending on the division.

When can I attend official and unofficial visits?
Student-athletes and their families can go on official and unofficial visits and schedule recruiting conversations on campus with college coaches, starting August 1 of the athlete’s junior year.

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When is National Signing Day?
National Signing Day opens in November of your senior year of high school and continues through the beginning of August of the following year. The specific dates vary by year, so check our updated schedule for 2021-2022 signing dates

What else do I need to know about the NLI?
The NLI is a binding agreement that guarantees the athlete’s scholarship, usually for one year. The Collegiate Commissioners Association releases the National Signing Day dates each year on the National Letter of Intent website. Once you sign, your recruiting process ends, and then you can no longer be recruited by other programs.

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