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Overnight Oats Hack for Athletes in a Hurry

Are you winding down for bed, only to realize you forgot to go grocery shopping and have nothing to make for breakfast before or after practice tomorrow?

Worry no more! Overnight oats are the perfect breakfast if you’re short on time and ingredients, especially with this hack.

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Last week, my boyfriend wanted to try overnight oats, so I thought I’d show him how it’s done. Until I realized it was 9pm and we had NO fruit. That’s one of the most important ingredients! I tore through the fridge and pantry looking for something to substitute when I came across my full drawer of tea, just waiting for a purpose. I found a raspberry pomegranate tea that I bought and never drink, so I threw it on top of my oats, poured milk over the concoction, and let it work its magic while I slept.

I woke up the next morning, tossed out the tea bag, and, voila! Berry oatmeal!

Obviously I added more than just a tea bag and some milk. If you need some ideas, check out our athlete-tested, dorm-friendly oatmeal recipe for sweeteners and protein powders!

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