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Keirsten Sires: From Tennis To Soccer To CEO

The Athlete to Athlete Podcast
October 24, 2022

Keirsten Sires Named Finalist In Annual Stevie® Awards For Women In Business

2022 Steview Awards
September 24, 2022

An Inside Look at 2aDays

The Pioneer
September 9, 2022

Rising graduate student Sarah Borer spent her summer interning for a company that helps guide student athletes towards their ideal college. 2aDays is a website that allows college athletes to rate their coaches and facilities, as well as connects athletes to scholarships and blog posts intended to help athletes have a successful college experience.

“I think of 2aDays as a Rate My Professor for athletics, and I think a lot of people could use it to learn more about coaches, campuses and facilities to make their recruitment process easier,” Borer said. 

Thriving As A Woman In a Male-Dominated Industry: Keirsten Sires of 2aDays On The Five Things You Need To Thrive and Succeed as a Woman In a Male Dominated Industry

Authority Magazine
August 11, 2022

I think women can certainly use being a woman to their advantage in many workplace situations. We have amazing strengths, instincts, and skills. Over the years and with the relatively new found support from society, women have learned to hone in on those strengths, and continue to push for a positive impact across the board.

Keirsten Sires Winner of 4th Hashtag Sports Special Achievement: Next Up Award

Hashtag Sports
August 1, 2022

‘A Mental Health Battle’: How Abusive Coaching Impacts College Athletes

Global Sport Matters
May 24, 2022

… some coach behaviors that wouldn’t be acceptable in a classroom or other contexts – like yelling at players – aren’t necessarily abusive and can even be beneficial for some athletes. “I’ve had coaches growing up who were 100 percent hard-a**es,” she said. “But I’m still close with them and they’ve come to my wedding and they look out for me to this day. But they would have no problem yelling at me at practice if I did something that was stupid.” Interview With Keirsten Sires of 2aDays
April 14, 2022

6 Essential Categories Recruits Will Be Evaluated On

November 18, 2021

College coaches are looking for athletes who are coachable, have good character, and who are hungry and willing to learn and compete with a vengeance. They also need to know how competitive you are at the high school level. 

LRT Sports Founder Keirsten Sires Talks College Recruiting and the Importance of a Strong Player Coach Relationship

The Line-Up Podcast
August 30, 2021

Keirsten Sires, Founder of LRT Sports and alumni of Skidmore College, joins Ben and Max to talk about her College Recruiting business and her unconventional college athletic career. She emphasizes a strong relationship with your coach and the importance of having some background information before you commit to a school. She explains how your relationship with your coach can have an impact on your mental health and how to know when it is time to hang up the cleats. Sound intriguing? Listen to the episode to hear more!!

Keirsten Sires

The Athlete’s Advocate Podcast
June 4, 2021

Episode #34: Understanding College Recruiting with Special Guest, Keristen Sires, CEO of LRT Sports

Kirsten Jones Podcast
June 1, 2021

College Athletes & LRT Sports – Keirsten Sires

The Bottle Opener Network
March 1, 2021

Best Practices for Creating a Successful Virtual Internship

Harvard Business School
March 1, 2021

You can also consider a rotational internship that will give students insight into various aspects of your business while not being on-site with your team…

“Our internship looks wildly different from when we first started. You need to be dynamic with this process and get feedback. Then if something isn’t working, don’t try to force it.”

How This Platform Helps High School Athletes And Parents Understand College Athletics Recruiting

December 19, 2019

Move over LRT Sports is providing a platform for college student-athletes to rate their coaches and college recruits to rate their scouting experience. In addition, the platform provides parents and athletes with all the information about the college athletic recruiting process, policies and checklists needed before committing to a particular school, which also includes information on scholarship opportunities.

Education is key with LRT Sports CEO, Keirsten Sires

Full Ride Podcast
December 5, 2019

Keirsten Sires is the CEO of LRT Sports and as a former dual athlete for Skidmore College, she was fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in three NCAA tournaments, one for tennis and two for soccer.  Keirsten’s motto is “Education is key when it comes to the recruiting process and coaches.”  A negative experience with her tennis coach, led Keirsten to the idea of LRT Sports, a rating system for college coaches, and ultimately playing college soccer instead.

An Honest Discussion with Keirsten Sires, Former Athlete and Now a Recruiting Expert

Recruit Me: Athletic Scholarship System
October 29, 20219

In our special guest interview, you’ll get a look at recruiting from a different angle. Keirsten Sires is a former college athlete who experienced a rocky road before it smoothed out. Her lessons led to the founding of LRT Sports, where she now helps families in a unique way.

Understanding College Athletics with Keirsten Sires

Nine Point
October 16, 2019

In our special guest interview, you’ll get a look at recruiting from a different angle. Keirsten Sires is a former college athlete who experienced a rocky road before it smoothed out. Her lessons led to the founding of LRT Sports, where she now helps families in a unique way.

Understanding College Athletics with Keirsten Sires

Nine Point: Started with a Dream Podcast
October 8, 2019

“We allow current and former college athletes to rate their college coaches to have more transparent information. So that high school athletes, parents, high school coaches. Stay more informed throughout the recruiting process” – Keirsten Sires, CEO of LRT Sports

SportsBiz Startups & Startover Podcast Featuring Founder and CEO Keirsten Sires of LRT Sports

SportsBiz Startups & Startover Podcast
September 24, 2019

Keirsten Sires Discusses the things she learned through a rebranding phase, working with friends in a startup and the importance of cash flow.

Collegiate Athletics Resource Platform with LRT Sports Founder & CEO, Keirsten Sires

Her Sports Story Podcast
September 11, 2019

Sharing collegiate experiences, reflecting on our journeys, providing insight and advice for the next generation of athletes — this was my conversation with Keirsten Sires of LRT Sports.  She teamed up with other former athletes to create a resource platform for upcoming athletes to use when embarking on the recruiting journey. 

LRT Sports Aims to Lend a Helping Hand to Student-Athletes

The Eastern Echo
July 13, 2019

“Basically, for my senior year, we had to come up with a business idea and develop it throughout the semester. We actually ended up getting great feedback. It got to a point where it was growing and growing. December of 2014 is when we actually launched the site. It was a very exciting time. Five years later, I’m very proud that we’ve successfully educated college athletes.”

What Happens If You Didn’t Sign a National Letter of Intent

March 5, 2019

Heisman Winner Baker Mayfield Did Not Sign on National Signing Day

March 5, 2019

The current Cleveland Browns quarterback took advice often given by LRT Sports, and surveyed the field after not signing a national letter of intent during his senior year at Texas power Lake Travis.

LRT Sports: Get Recruited for College Football with These Tips

June 14, 2018

Get Recruited For College Football With These Tips. This episode features LRT Sport’s CEO Keirsten Sires as she talks football recruiting and Former Mount Ida Quarterback Mike Pina.

Founder LRT Sports Keirsten Sires

Sports Biz Podcast
November 14, 2018

Locker Room Talk Looks to Make Recruiting Honest and Easy

Liberty Champion
February 12, 2018

Locker Room Talk was started by CEO Keirsten Sires in a college entrepreneurship class during her senior year at Skidmore College. She said they decided to make it a reality after graduation.

College Tips Podcast – Episode 3

First Choice College
August 31, 2017

In this episode James speaks to Keirsten Sires, CEO of, a site that ranks top college coaches and sheds a light on the college recruiting process.

Locker Room Talk Becomes Newest Platform in College Recruiting

The Greyhound
March 1, 2017

This is where Locker Room Talk steps in, by trying to make it so that recruits have another tool at their disposal to help with the recruiting process. Trying to separate the truth from the lies is half the battle for recruits, especially now, when little rumors on the internet can become national headlines. Additionally, recruits are sometimes as young as 15 years old when they commit to a school.

How a Website by a Former Student-Athlete is Helping Future Student-Athletes

The Carolinian
February 1, 2017

How many students, when setting up their schedule for the semester, go to to check out what an average day is in the class period of said professor? Going back a few years, every student looks up their list of universities they wish to attend and decide the best one for them.

Meet Keirsten Sires: Co-Founder of Locker Room Talk

Digital Journal
January 4, 2017

“Locker Room Talk started as a class project at Skidmore College in an entrepreneurship class,” she said. “Our focus was to figure out how to start a company of our choosing throughout the semester, and we ended up taking the idea and bringing it to life.”

Keirsten Sires

October 17, 2016

Today’s featured member is Keirsten Sires, co-founder and CEO of Locker Room Talk, an online service that helps high school athletes navigate the recruiting process — primarily through a service that lets current and former collegiate athletes rate and review their coaches. Before launching Locker Room Talk, Keirsten was a student-athlete herself, playing two sports at Skidmore College (Pa.).

How Locker Room Talk is Helping High School Athletes with the Recruiting Process

Front Office Sports
October 17, 2016

Making the transition from high school to college athletics isn’t easy. However, one of the most challenging aspects of the transition happens before student-athletes even arrive on their college campus: the recruiting process.

Locker Room Talk: A Skidmore-Born Business

Skidmore News
April 12, 2016

LRT is the Yelp of college athletics, but reviewers do not have to sign up or link a social media account to offer feedback. Professor Hill’s Entrepreneurship & Small Business class is where Locker Room Talk was born.