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8 Tips on How To Make a Memorable First Impression

First impressions can make or break interviews, friendships, relationships, recruiting visits and so much more. As an athlete, the first time you meet potential future coaches and teammates is very important, and making a good first impression could secure your spot on a team. With all the butterflies and expectations of a campus visit, recruits often forget how to make a good impression. Follow these 8 simple tips to make sure you stand out.

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  1. Have a firm handshake: Don’t break their hand, but show them that you want to be there with an enthusiastic and confident handshake.
  1. Maintain eye contact: You want the coach and teammates to know that you value what they have to say. Maintaining eye contact is a good way to show your interest. Plus, actively listening is a good practice anyway – you want to know what you’re getting into! 
  1. Ask questions! Engage and show off some of your knowledge. Never miss an opportunity to ask questions. If you’re not sure what to ask, check our list of 37 questions to ask before you commit.
  1. Look professional and presentable: Make sure your shirt is ironed. Trust me on this one. Don’t go overboard either, though. You want your outfit to show that you’re confident, put together, and can handle yourself on and off the field. 
  1. Have confidence! Most of these tips have pointed toward this very important one: being confident. Be bold and make yourself stand out. You need to know your own worth to help coaches see it too.

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  1. Be on time: This really means be early. This is respectful and shows the coach that you value their time, and you’re committed.
  1. Be aware of your body language: Nonverbal communication sometimes speaks louder than words. Make sure to be open: no crossed arms or looking down at the ground. Don’t fidget or look elsewhere so much that you seem like you’d rather be anywhere else. Be in the moment.
  1. Smile: You’re never fully dressed without it 🙂 You’re giving yourself a chance to continue in the sport you love.

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