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5 Best Places to Find Affordable Workout Gear

Workout gear can be 100% addictive. And, what better way to crush your New Year’s fitness goals than with AFFORDABLE new workout clothes? You might as well save a few bucks while still rocking the looks you love! Here are some brands of workout gear that are definitely worth your time. 

Fabletics Yoga Pants

Fabletics 2 for $24 leggings
Okay, seriously? Here, we’re getting two pairs of ANY leggings on the site for only $24. These leggings are great quality and hold up really well. Be warned, to grab this amazing deal, you need to create a membership account. After you make that account and check out with your 2 for $24, make sure you head back to the site to cancel that membership when you have enough workout leggings!

Old Navy
Never underestimate the power of Old Navy. Just take a couple minutes and go see for yourself. They have just about every style of workout gear you could be looking for, in multiple colors. Their fabrics are buttery soft and make me wonder why I’ve ever purchased more expensive brands. I can find this sports bra for less than $20!

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You can find almost ANYTHING on Amazon. Do some research, and I promise you will not be disappointed. The colors, patterns, and styles are endless. Everything from cold-weather workout gear, to legging with pockets, you’ll find what you need. Make sure to read the reviews though, or you might end up with a sports bra that doesn’t get the job done. A personal favorite, these leggings are only $18.95!

Under Armour Sweatshirt

Here, you’ll find all the name brands at marked down prices. This Under Armour sweatshirt is just $55! What’s better than that? Kohls always has a wide selection, so you’re sure to find something you love. The best part is that these places don’t just stop with workout clothes; you can find yoga mats, weights, and more! 

Forever21 over the shoulder sports bra

Forever 21
You may remember them from when you were younger, but Forever 21 never goes out of style! They have something for everyone, regardless of your aesthetic, age, or athletic level. The most amazing part? You can get this over the sholder sports bra for only $7.79!

What are you waiting for? Get moving and shop your heart out while still saving your wallet! 

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* Originally published on January 3, 2022, by Christie Ackendorf

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