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Hudl | A Great Resource for Recruits who need to make a Highlight Video

Hudl provides video review and performance analysis tools for sports teams and athletes at every level. Hudl was founded in 2006 by initially serving college and professional football teams. Now, they are the preferred game film solution for all teams. There is a high demand for Hudl at the high school level for highlight reels. When gathering game footage, both the athletes and the coaches have dual access to the film.


Recruits enjoy using the Hudl software, they can pick and choose their best plays to create their personalized highlight tape. When putting together a highlight tape, make sure you put your best highlights early on in the video because coaches only have a limited time to watch them.

Locker Room Talk asked a D1 college football player ‘what helped him during the recruiting process.’ He credited Hudl-personalized highlights with a link posted on his social media accounts. Both helped him gain exposure and ultimately sign to his dream school. When sending an initial highlight tape, try to keep it short and to the point by including impressive plays.


When people think of Hudl highlight tapes, they assume only the players have access to making and sharing them. The coach also has the capability to send highlight and game film to Hudl. Coaches have the option to tag athlete highlights and team highlights. Burnsville High School (MN), head football coach, explained to LRT that they send highlight and complete game footage to college coaches every year. Burnsville had six football players sign their National Letter of Intent in 2017; all players used Hudl to gain exposure. Your coach can be a big asset in your recruiting process, so use them as a resource.

Talk to your coaches about your college athletic aspirations. Coaches have the ability to send out recruiting packages to college coaches at any level.

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* Originally published on March 30, 2017, by Tyler Hanson

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