About Verified Athlete


2aDays has a strict athlete verification process that requires athletes to submit a completed verification form with a photo. Each submission is verified by a moderator who will match the photo submission with the team roster.

Verified Athlete status is approved for a specific sport and college. The “Verified Athlete” badge is applied only to the specific sport and college that you are approved for.

For example, if you are verified for softball at Skidmore College, your rating for Skidmore College women’s softball coaches, Skidmore College athletic staff and Skidmore College women’s softball facilities will be associated with a “Verified Athlete” badge. However, your rating for women’s soccer coaches will not have a “Verified Athlete” badge associated with it.

What if i play more than one sport or transfer to a different school?

You will need to submit a verification specifically for the specific sport and college in order to receive the Verified Athlete badge on the rating.

This will ensure that you have indeed worked with the coach and staff that you are rating.

Why Do we ask for athlete verification?

Ratings can be submitted by a parent, a teacher or anyone that has worked with the coach/staff, or visited the sports facilities. Although non-athlete feedback is still valuable to the community, some may value verified athletes’ feedback at a higher level than others.

First-hand athlete experience is important.