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What we offer

2aDays offers a unique opportunity to reach a vast and dedicated audience. We make sure that you are able to highlight your brand messaging to our demographic through custom content, while hitting on what our users love about 2aDays.

Targeted Audience

Our targeted content means we know our audience perfectly. Reach the people you want with no guesswork.

Site Takeovers

Lead branded takeovers on our high traffic pages. 2aDays has thousands of landing pages that could have YOUR name on them.

Sponsored Content

Work to create awareness for your brand. Our blog accounts for about two-thirds of our traffic. Claim ownership and brand on one of our many series!

Brand Incorporation

We'll represent your brand at our workshops through logo placement, samples, Facebook Live, other social media, and more!

Email Newsletter

Reach a growing and diverse audience with a section in our weekly email newsletter to over 7,500 subscribers.

Large User Base

Our site services thousands of unique users each month that view over 25,000 pages, and our social media reaches thousands of followers. Leverage these users for your brand.

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