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What are College Basketball Practices Like?

Congrats! You’ve signed onto your dream school’s basketball team. So, now what?

You can never really know what being a college athlete is like until you’ve lived it, but we’re here to tell you a little bit about what practices are like at the college level.

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Outside Work: The biggest difference is in the amount of work you have to do outside of practice. Seeing the trainer, hitting the weight room, watching film, and building endurance for that longer season. You can prepare by increasing weights and adding in extra sprints to your workout.

Reps: In college, you’ll be doing more of, well, everything. More sprints, more reps in the weight room and more in the gym.

Intensity: The practices are more physical and more intense.

Length of Practice: The practices are going to be longer, so building that endurance before your freshman season will make a world of difference.

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The biggest similarity between college and high school basketball? It’s still basketball. You’re still working as a team, and learning offense and defense. So, just be confident in your game, put in those extra reps, and get ready for your first season!

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