We Are Looking for Brand Ambassadors!

We Are Looking for Brand Ambassadors! We Are Looking for Brand Ambassadors!

2aDays is looking for Brand Ambassadors for our platform. You can make money just by being an athlete or knowing a lot of athletes! 2aDays is committed to helping athletes ace the recruiting process and find their best fit in a college. Here is what the ambassadorship involves:

1. Ratings

Ratings are a huge part of our website. Current athletes, former athletes, parents, coaches, and recruits can anonymously rate head coaches, assistant coaches, staff, facilities, and campus visits. These ratings will help recruits and transfer athletes know what real people actually have to say about a coach. If you had a horrible experience with a coach or staff member, let it be known! This way, you can help future athletes avoid what you went through.

How the points work: 

Each rating you get (with your unique URL) is worth two points. Two points are worth $1. You can get two more points when someone verifies themself as an athlete (you can do this after you do a rating). Altogether, a verified athlete rating is worth five points. 

Hump Day Poll

What Was/Is the Hardest Part of the Recruiting Process?
What Was/Is the Hardest Part of the Recruiting Process?

2. Social Media Posts

You can earn money by posting about 2aDays on your social media. Again, two points = $1. 

  • When you tag us in your bio and state that you are a 2aDays Brand Ambassador, you get 10 points (the bio has to be up for at least 30 days).
  • Posting a story on your social media (and leaving it up for the full 24 hours) is worth 5 points.
  • A post on your social media is worth 10 points.
    • You will need to tag 2aDays and send a screenshot to the brand ambassador manager for all posts. 
  • Referring someone else to be a Brand Ambassador is worth 15 points.
    • When your referred Brand Ambassador collects 10 ratings in one week, you earn 25 points. 

3. Blog Content

Another huge part of our website is the blog. Here, we provide information about the recruitment process, advice for current and former college athletes, the transfer portal, sports-specific information, interviews with athletes and coaches, and more. 

  • Securing an interview with a coach and/or athlete is worth 50 points.
  • Writing a Daily Grind article (day in the life) about you or another college athlete is worth 25 points. 

4. Subscription Affiliate

Our new membership portion of 2aDays has many benefits and tools to improve an athlete and their family's recruiting experiences. 

There are two membership packages:

  1. Monthly Membership: $9.99/mo
  2. Annual Membership: $59.99/yr

Your affiliate link will give people 5% off both memberships. You will receive $20 for every annual member who signs up with your coupon code. For every monthly member who signs up with your code, you will receive $4. 


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