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Top 10 D1 Football Locker Rooms

Having a good locker room is key to every college football team’s success. It’s where the coach inspires his team, where players get in the zone before games, and something that recruits take into account when choosing where to play. They clearly set the tone for how successful a team can be, so it comes a no surprise that some pretty extravagant locker rooms have been built over the years. We decided to rank our favorites and pick the college football team that we believe has the best locker room in the country. Decisions were based on amenities, flashiness, quality of lockers, size, and wow-factor.

10. University of Arkansas

There is no question the Razorbacks have a pretty sweet locker room. The Arkansas Football locker room holds 113 individual lockers and has illuminated Arkansas letters lining each row of lockers. These definitely grab your attention and add a cool detail to the room. The locker room is also connected to a players lounge with pool tables and video games, as well as the team’s treatment areas and practice facilities.

9. University of Notre Dame

The Fighting Irish recently renovated their football locker room in 2017. Although not as extravagant as the other locker rooms on this list, it is definitely one of the coolest looking in the country. The locker room mixes old with new by combining the university’s classic Catholic School look with modern details. These include features like sleek lockers with wood finishes, new metal fixtures, new brickwork, and giant flat screen televisions built into the walls. However, the biggest addition is a massive lounge where players can relax after practice and game days. You can definitely feel the tradition and spirit that comes with Notre Dame football when you set foot in this locker room.

8. The Ohio State University

The Ohio State Football locker room catches your eye as soon as you look at it. The room is filled with shiny state-of-the-art steel and scarlet lockers as well as an illuminated waterfall. Adjacent to the player lockers, the team has installed personal lockers dedicated to Buckeyes currently playing in the NFL. The locker room is also located in the Woody Hayes Athletic Center so athletes have easy access to the strength training center, hydrotherapy pools, a lounge area, and a barber shop.

7. Florida State University

FSU’s locker room has an elegant modern look. The room is huge and contains statues of Seminole Football legends as a way to inspire players. Illuminated letters spelling out “Florida State Seminoles” also line the ceiling. Each locker has a clean wood finish and contains a built-in iPad and charging ports. Connected to the locker room is a players lounge with pool tables, ping pong tables, flat screen televisions, an arcade, and a mini movie theater.

6. University of Alabama

Alabama Football has a long history of winning so of course they are going to have a locker room that matches up to their greatness. The Crimson Tide recently renovated their locker room over the last five years so it’s looking better than ever. The room is massive and holds 137 expanded lockers with personal lock boxes and power outlets. There are also big screen television and a huge Alabama logo in the middle of the room. It is also connected to a players lounge with an arcade, hydrotherapy rooms, meeting rooms, and a state of the art weight room.

5. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

NFL player and Nebraska alum, Ndamukong Suh, recently donated 2.6 million dollars to the Husker Football program and now the team’s locker room is one of the nicest in the country. The room contains 123 individualized lockers made of beautiful solid maple wood. Each locker has a small plasma television built into the exterior and comes with an iPad. The room is also connected to a lounge with big screen televisions, video games, pool tables, and a wall of greatness that pays tribute to Nebraska players who went on to the NFL.

4. University of Oregon

Thanks to Nike founder and alum Phil Knight, Oregon football has been able to add some pretty nice additions to their locker room. The room contains 121 keypad activated lockers and a lounge area with Ferrari leather seats. Each locker has six different storage compartments and is fully ventilated so equipment is always smelling fresh. The bathroom is not too shabby either and has Italian marble floors. In addition, the locker room is located within the Oregon football complex so players have easy access to amenities like a protein and juice bar, flat screen televisions with gaming consoles, treatment and massage rooms, and much more.

3. University of Texas – Austin

The Longhorns recently spent about 7 million dollars on their new football locker room, and it was definitely money well spent. The room includes features like a glowing Longhorn logo on the ceiling, a wall paying tribute to alumni in the NFL, a giant video board, and a bathroom with showers that belong in a five-star hotel. The biggest attraction is the actual lockers. Each ventilated locker is made of stainless steel and contains storage bins, glove hooks with longhorn logos cut into them, a cooling fan to dry helmets, USB ports, and a 43-inch monitor that displays player measurable and highlights. It is the kind of high tech locker room that athletes dream about.

2. Texas A&M University

Texas A&M Football by far has one of the coolest looking locker rooms in college sports. It looks so sleek and high tech that you feel like you have been transported 50 years into the future. Each player gets a ventilated stainless steel locker with a screen displaying their stats and measurable. There are screens everywhere and the walls are lined with LED lighting that creates an ominous futuristic effect. There is even a place with three monitors where players can get their haircut as they watch television. Each sink in the bathroom also has a television screen, and the showers have marble floors and walls. In addition, there is an Adidas fitting room, a players lounge with video games, and the locker room is connected to hydrotherapy rooms.

1. Clemson University

The Clemson Football locker room is pretty impressive. The room is massive and contains a large lounge space in the middle. Each ventilated locker contains about six compartments and resembles a throne. However, the amenities that are connected to Clemson’s locker room are what put it at the top of this list. This past year the Tigers built an entirely new football facility that cost a whopping 55 million dollars. It is insane. Connected to Clemson’s locker room are hydrotherapy rooms, a state of the art weight room, an outdoor basketball court, a mini-golf course, a bowling alley, a player’s lounge, barber shop, a slide, and a nap room. The Clemson football players are living like kings, and that is why they are at the top of our list.

* Originally published on July 7, 2018, by Firoz George

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