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Top 10 College Locker Rooms

10. Michigan

Simplicity goes far with this locker room. A nice, clean look fits the Michigan personality. Nothing special but a well organized locker room for a well organized team.

9. Texas A&M

$450 million worth of renovations went into Kyle Field and that included a brand new locker room for the Aggies. From position specific meeting rooms to a film room with incredibly comfortable looking chairs, the Aggies will be feeling like kings in their locker room.

Credit: Texas A&M Athletics (via the Dallas Morning News)

8. Nebraska

An ideal locker room layout with a nice wood finish?! Keeping it classy Nebraska. Along with a players lounge that includes a pool table with multiple retro style arcade games. I don’t know what else you may need.

7. Tennessee

Anderson Training Center is 145,000 square feet and every inch consists of envy inducing services from hydrotherapy, multi-level weight room and player’s lounge. The entire locker room is wired up with a coach-player video delivery system, allowing easy communication throughout the massive locker room.[gallery2]/6/

6. Oklahoma

The Sooners take pride in their locker room and believe that their start of the art design and overall appeal attracts recruits. They may be biased but their locker room is very impressive and has an abundance of practical services that any athlete would need after practice or games. Hydrotherapy, indoor practice facility, grooming area and lounge are only a few of the many features this locker room has to offer.

5. LSU

The Jeff Boss locker rooms were redesigned 2 years ago. With this new-ish design, LSU wanted to put an emphasis on routine and organization. The Tigers believe that starts in the locker room. Precise planning along with a sleek new design makes this locker room practical while also being aesthetically pleasing. The yellow and purple are an intimidating combination and they capture that feeling well with the design.


4. Ohio State

The Buckeyes went with a more modern, metallic style to their locker room and it looks great. I think it fits the style of team and gives the locker room an unique touch. With hydrotherapy areas, a water wall (Yes, I meant water wall), and grooming areas with a players lounge makes this one of the most appealing locker rooms.

3. Notre Dame

Notre Dame has some of the deepest roots in college football. Their locker room exit sign is infamous but what lies beyond that is one of the best locker rooms in college sports. The simplicity of the locker room has an inspiring feel to it. This is very cliche but sometimes less is more. This would be one of those cases where it works to perfection.

2. Alabama

This is what you get when you win. A memorabilia junky or Roll-Tide die hard would go bananas for this locker room. They have a section specific to first round draft picks. Not many schools can fill a wall with professional athletes let alone NFL first round draft picks. Alabama is always trying to pull in the best talent and with a locker room like this, I’m not surprised they do. A players lounge with games and pool tables wall to wall with the hydrotherapy area makes this an ideal vacation spot…I mean, locker room.

How Alabama's New Facility Compares to Oregon's New Football Performance Center


And this is what you get for being the alma mater of one of the world’s biggest sports wear distributors. Phil Knight & Bill Bowerman, co-founders of Nike attended Oregon and gave back to the school in different ways. They may not have paid for the locker room but you can bet their donation helped the Ducks create the best locker room in college sports. State of the art technology and style that can only be captured in pictures. Enjoy.


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* Originally published on July 27, 2016, by Oliver Loutsenko

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