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Running in College vs High School

Congrats! You’ve committed to a college track and cross country team! 

So, what’s next? You will probably receive a summer mileage chart to complete before Fall season, and it probably won’t be too surprising because, well, running is running.

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If the workouts are generally the same, what makes running in college so different from running in high school?

The distractions and the time commitment. There are a lot more distractions. You have to learn a new study location and routine, plan for all of your meals, make new friends, and start learning how to be an adult. All of these distractions, on top of the crazy time commitment because you now also have daily lifts or core, hours to see the trainer, weekend meets, and team meetings, are what set college running apart from high school.

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Stay disciplined and focused, and remember why you’re there.

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