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Reaching Out To Volleyball Coaches

How Do I Reach Out to Coaches?

Reaching out to coaches is a vital part of the recruiting process. Not only does it show interest but it shows dedication and commitment. It is also valuing your coaches time and needs by allowing them to see what they’re looking for. Reaching out first is definitely a must and also following up.

Following up is as important and even better during the recruiting process. Doing so shows that you respect the coach and their staff and are genuinely interested in what they have to offer. 

When reaching out to your coach or coaches, include everything they are looking for. Your name, height, reach, best contact information so they can get back to you, be respectful and cordial as well as genuine. Coaches get tons of emails a day and almost all are generic so you really want to stand out and grab their attention from the start. It is also good to mention that you should give your email a great tone letting them know the person you are from the beginning of the recruiting process. 

What should I include in my email to college coaches?

The email to the coach will be your first impression on them. Their expectations when receiving an email are that you have researched their program and have what it takes to be part of it. Some guidelines for the email according to the 2aDays include but are not limited to: 

  1. Personalize your email. College coaches will receive a wide variety of emails, and if your email is not eye-catching or personalized enough, they will lose interest. Make yourself stand out from the wave of emails they get each day. Make sure you demonstrate that you have researched the school. Whether you mention the current athletes in your position, the school’s stats, their history, and more.
  2. Make sure you include your current coaches’ information. This will allow for the college coach to reach out to your coaches to find out more about you. This also gives your coaches an opportunity to make you stand out. 
  3. Include athletic and academic information. You don't need to go all out in the email, but it is important to let them know you have what it takes to perform at the collegiate level in volleyball and in school. 
  4. Give them a schedule of when and where you will be competing. They need to know where and when they can watch you in person. If not possible in person, then provide streaming links to your matches. This will allow them to add you to their list of players to watch out for.
  5. Get in contact with coaches around the end of your sophomore year and start of your junior year. No need to feel like you’re running out of time because you are not! 
  6. In addition to emailing coaches, try to reach out to current athletes on the team as well as prospective athletes looking to join the same school. This will allow you to network amongst each other and get an inside scoop on what the team is like and if you will like it as well. 

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