Seattle Seahawks Paxton Lynch Interview

Seattle Seahawks Paxton Lynch Interview Seattle Seahawks Paxton Lynch Interview

is a quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League. Paxton played at Memphis, and I'm sure was thrilled to be drafted in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos. Lynch played two seasons for the Denver Broncos and currently plays for the Seattle Seahawks.

After redshirting his freshman year at Memphis in 2012, Lynch worked hard on the field and was named the Tigers' starting quarterback before the 2013 . Paxton played 12 games, completing 203 of 349 passes for 2,056 yards, nine touchdowns, and ten interceptions

Position:Quarterback Personal information Born: February 12, 1994 

San Antonio, : 6 ft 7 inches, Weight: 244 lb 

Paxton gives advice to athletes about understanding college athletics. 

2aDays: When did you realize that you wanted to play in college, and how did you know that you were good enough to make it?

Paxton: I always felt like I was good enough to play in college, but I knew for sure after I won the MVP in the Central Florida All-Star Game. 

2aDays: How would you describe how the was for you? What was the most challenging part?

Paxton: The recruiting process was difficult because I went to such a small high school that there weren't many college coaches that looked at me. Coaches also didn't feel like the competition I was playing against was good enough because of how small the schools were.

2aDays: Were your parents involved in your recruiting process, and if so, to what extent?

Paxton: Not really, but they did take me to multiple camps as well as a college Junior Day. 

2aDays: How many coaches/schools were you in contact with before you committed?

Paxton: I can't remember the exact number of schools that I was in contact with, but I only received one offer from Memphis, then I got another offer from UCF on signing day. 

2aDays: When did you realize that you found the school that you wanted to commit to, and why did you choose that school?

Paxton: When I committed to Memphis, they were my only offer, so I wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to play Division I football

2aDays: Is there anything that you wish you knew back when you were being recruited.

Paxton: Yes, I figured out that if you were upfront and honest about the other offers you were getting from colleges, it actually encouraged coaches to want to offer you because if they wanted you badly enough, they would be worried that another school was going to get you.

2aDays: What was the most challenging thing about being a I student-athlete? The most rewarding?

Paxton: The hardest thing I dealt with as a athlete had to balance school and athletics. The most rewarding thing was being given the opportunity to earn my degree and have everything paid for, as well as play at the professional level. 

2aDays: You were a Division I student-athlete, what advice would you give any high school athlete going through the recruiting process right now?

Paxton: I would tell them to work hard, get their name out there as much as they can, and take time to enjoy the process because they only get to go through it once. 

2aDays:  What was the funniest or most memorable thing to happen to you on the field while in college?

Paxton: The most memorable thing to happen to me on the field in college was either winning a championship or beating Ole Miss.

Updated 8/5/19

* Originally published on August 5, 2019, by Taylor Patrizi

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