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NCAA: College Athletic Protection Agreement

Recruitment is tough for every athlete in many ways. One stressful issue is the inability to know what an agreement will hold for your future as both an athlete, but most importantly, as a student. There is now a new tool to help educate recruits on what benefits are available to them. This College Athletic Protection Agreement or CAP is exactly what I mean.

The CAP Agreement has been unveiled at the National Basketball Players Association’s top 100 camps by the National College Players Association (NCPA) and has sparked national attention. The NCPA had the document vetted by many NCAA experts; it is a legally sound contract that can be used individually or alongside a National Letter of Intent for all sports. While one of the main goals of the CAP Agreement is to educate on what athletes can obtain during recruitment, it has many more points that are worth noting.

One aspect of the CAP Agreement is to ensure that an athlete maintains their scholarship funding regardless of athletic performance or injury. This is something that all student-athletes deserve. After all, the real purpose of a college is to educate the students who attend it. Another important point made is that the document contains a “transfer” clause that allows athletes the ability to transfer before ever enrolling at a school.

Overall, the CAP Agreement creates a much more transparent agreement for athletes so that there are understandable terms before attending a school. This document is customizable to each player and school so that it leaves more room on the table for compromise. I hope that this agreement gains momentum throughout the country to help more and more student athletes become knowledgeable and confident in their decisions come signing time!

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* Originally published on July 16, 2017, by Jacob Lee

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