Monday Motivation: Avoid Complacency!

Monday Motivation: Avoid Complacency! Monday Motivation: Avoid Complacency!

“Whatever you do, avoid complacency. If you’re already number one, set the bar higher, every day.”

– Bob Bowman

Bob Bowman is one of the most famous swimming coaches of all time. He coached the great Michael Phelps to 23 Olympic gold medals. After swimming for Florida State University, Bowman started his coaching career in several aquatic clubs. Bowman has also coached at colleges such as the University of Michigan, Arizona State University, and the University of Texas at Austin. Bowman was named the program director for the University of Texas swimming and diving team at the beginning of this month. 

In his collegiate coaching career, Bowman won one NCAA Division I Championship, one runner-up title, two Pac-12 Conference titles, and was named CSCAA Division I Men’s Coach of the Year. His professional coaching career is even more decorated, coaching seven World Championships and four Olympic Games. He was a 5x ASCA Coach of the Year winner, 6x USA Swimming Coach of the Year, 4x USA Swimming Foundation Golden Goggles Award winner, and was inducted into the ASCA Swimming & Diving Hall of Fame in 2010. 

Bob Bowman sure knows how to coach talent. He coached Michael Phelps, one of the best athletes ever. Phelps was at number one for most of his career, and he kept on winning. Complacency is so easy when you think you’ve made it. However, the hardest part is staying at the top. You can always get better. 

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