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How to Deal with Not Getting Playing Time

It can be a harsh realization to know that your role on a team is not in the starting line up, or on the court/field at all. Here’s what I can tell you: your time will come. That teammate that’s playing over you right now was once in your position. Everyone works their way up the ladder. One of the best things to do in this situation is to keep working your ass off. Get in the gym early and stay late. Show your coach that you want to be there more than anyone else. And, most importantly: 

Support the person you’re trying to play over
This isn’t a “keep your enemies close” thing. Be genuine and support them. Give them strategic game plays that you see from the sidelines that they don’t see in the game. Tell them that they are playing great, and mean it. Show them that you care about them and their success. They will notice and appreciate this more than you can imagine. I bet that they will also start supporting you in practice and giving you tips and tricks to better your game. Support is a two way street.

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