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How to Contact College Water Polo Coaches

College water polo coaches can begin to contact high school athletes starting June 15 before their junior year. If you are interested in a particular water polo program, we recommend that you take the initiative and send an email to the coach or coaches that you are interested in playing for before this date. You will want to introduce yourself and express your interest in the school/program. 

In your email, you will want to explain why you are interested in their program, add a fact about the team or coach to show that you did your research, and add a personal touch to make yourself memorable. You will also want to express why you would be a good fit for the team. Include the following information:

General information: your name, what year you will be graduating, the name of your high school, and your club 

Academics: GPA/SAT/ACT

Athletics: your stats and relevant measurables (PR, notable titles), a highlight tape if you have one

Contact information: your phone number, email, club’s contact information, and high school coach contact information

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Be sure to end your conversation or email with a solid message; this could include:

  • Specific time that you will call the coach 
  • Invitation to watch you compete 

You will want your email subject line to jump out. Remember, the coach(es) will be getting hundreds to thousands of emails from other athletes, so make your subject line pop. The subject line could include:

  • Numbers and stats
  • SAT/ACT score
  • Position, height 

This is a chance for you to get creative.

Follow these tips and quickly get on coaches’ radars!

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* Originally published on September 14, 2021, by 2aDays Staff

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