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Goals You Should Be Setting as an Athletic Recruit

Written with contributions from Jaime Evers, Editorial Lead

We all have aspirations and goals. A big misconception about goals and dreams is that they have to be big. Big dreams, like getting into the Division I school of your choice, are important, but if they are unattainable, you can get let down and discouraged. 

Small dreams and goals are just as important. Making small goals that you can work towards and achieve in practice are a great way to work towards achieving your bigger goal. Setting goals as an athletic recruit is important because it can help you improve as an athlete, a student, and a recruit. Your high school coach is the best person to help you accomplish these goals. They can give you guidance and keep you accountable. So, where do you start?

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Everyday Goals
Pick something that you want to improve on everyday before you start the season. Your coach is a great person to bounce these ideas back and forth with. They will love your initiative to better yourself and they can also give you tips. Maybe your goal is two extra reps every practice, be it two extra push ups or making 2 extra 3-point shots.

Recruiting Goals
Give yourself a set number of coaches you want to contact each week or month. Set a deadline on when you want to complete your highlight tape. 

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Season Goals
This is your big athletic goal: maybe it’s a two minute PR or breaking a school record. While this goal may seem scary at the beginning of the season, your daily goals will help you get there.

Dream Goal
This is it! Every little goal you’ve set, from the daily reps, to the personal records, to all the coaches you’ve contacted, have brought you closer to getting a scholarship to a team at your dream school. 

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Everyone has a big recruiting goal, but breaking this down into goals you can meet each week or every day will put you a step ahead of every recruit who is working toward their dream school without a plan. Make sure you keep your coach in the loop so they can help you meet these goals and connect you with college coaches or suggest showcases.

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