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Get Ready: 3 Must-Dos to Check off Your List Before a Recruiting Trip

Recruiting trips can differ depending on the division, the time of year, your level of interest in the school, and for many other reasons. Because of this, there are not too many things you NEED to do before any type of recruiting trip–it’s all really individual! However, here is a list of 3 things we really recommend you do prior to your next recruiting trip:

Prepare a list of questions for the coaches and athletes

Before you go on your recruiting trip, it is imperative that you brainstorm a list of questions to ask the coaches and athletes. It is very likely that you will meet with the head coach, and possibly assistant coaches, at some point during the visit, and coming prepared with a list of questions for the coach will show that you are actually very interested in their school. 

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Do your research on the school

Check out what majors this school offers and see which majors stand out to you. The coaches and athletes will be able to tell if you have looked into the academic programs that the school offers. They want to know that you’ve put in the work, so read up on the program before you check it out in-person.

Also do your research on the team and athletic program

It’s a lot of research, but it’s important to get to know what conference this school is in and look up what a typical schedule looks like before you visit the university. Also look at their roster to get an idea of how many athletes they have on the team at a time. Reading up a little can help you ask more questions to the coaches and current student-athletes, and if you come into the visit already knowing things like the schedule or the conference, the coaches and student-athletes will likely be impressed and get the impression that you are really interested in attending their school.

Recruiting can be stressful, but the more you know, the better you’ll feel about the process. So do your research, ask questions, and land your dream school!

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