How To Create a Standout Hudl Profile

How To Create a Standout Hudl Profile How To Create a Standout Hudl Profile

As a football player, you need to make yourself “easy to recruit.” What this means is you get the recruiters any information they need in order to recruit you. Here is everything you need to include to make your Hudl profile stand out: 

1. Roster information: Include height, weight, position and graduation year, and then update monthly or as things change. 

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Who Is Going to Win the Men’s College World Series?
Who Is Going to Win the Men’s College World Series?

2. Profile and cover photos: Keep your profile and pictures professional. You will want to show off your game skills with the images. 

3. Grades and test scores: When you start reaching out to college coaches, they will ask you: “what are your academic standings?" They will want to know your GPA and SAT/ACT scores. They need to know that you are eligible and that you will fit in at their school. 

4. Updated transcript: Request a copy of your tran­script from your high school and upload it to your Hudl pro­file. 

5. A creative bio never hurt anyone: You want to tell the coaches/schools a little about yourself, so let your personality shine through your bio. Show them what you can offer them. But, remember to keep it classy. 

Yale Head Coach, Tony Reno: "Realize everything you put on SM [social media] is an evaluation."

6. The highlights are critical: Pick out the best plays and save them. Ask your coach or someone who knows what college coaches look for to help you. Include different skills, but put your best plays in the first 30 seconds. If you grab their attention right away, then they will not want to look elsewhere. 

2aDays: What really jumps out at you when reviewing a recruit's highlight tape?
University of West Florida Football Coach, Pete Shinnick: "Athletic movement and speed."

2aDays: What are the main 'do's and don'ts for a 'recruit's highlight tape?
Coach Shinnick: "Do: Variety of clips showing your athletic ability. Don't: Repeat the same play over or in slow motion."

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7. Add numbers that show your athleticism: You want to add your 40-yard dash, vertical, and your best lifts. Take advan­tage of Hudl Combine to get your vital stats ver­i­fied. 

8. Your accolades/achievements: Mention any awards that you have received or big accom­plish­ments from your high school career. Think about awards, community service, or any significant accomplishments such as All-American or All-state. 

9. Social network: Link your Hudl pro­file with your other social media accounts to make it easy to share your big moments.

2aDays will also share those moments, so reach out to us and we will post your plays on our social media. We have coaches, assistant coaches, and athletes on our social media daily. You never know how you will get noticed. Share your big moments anywhere you can.  

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10. Contact information: Make sure all of your con­tact infor­ma­tion — address, email, and phone num­ber — is included and accurate. Double check your info, then triple check it. 

* Originally published on October 29, 2021, by 2aDays Staff

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