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College Volleyball Recruiting Fast Facts

Recruiting Statistics

5.7% of high school volleyball players go on to college level.

1.1% are recruited into NCAA Division 1 volleyball.

There are three levels of college volleyball in the United States: 

  1. The National College Athletics Association (popularly known as the NCAA) has three divisions 
    • The NCAA is the “most well-known governing body of college volleyball” and consists of around 1,200 schools. 
    • The three divisions in the NCAA are DI, DII, and DIII
    • In DI and DII, coaches are not allowed to contact an athlete until June 15th after their sophomore year of high school.
    • “At the Division 1 level, the average height of an outside hitter is 6’0”, with 53% of D1 outside hitters at 6' 0" or taller. Only 13% are 5’9” or shorter. 
    • Coaches expect D1 outside hitters to have, on average, an 118-inch approach jump. 
  2. The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) has two divisions
    • Smaller association with around 300 schools. 
  3. The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) has three divisions. 
    • Covers 2-year schools
    • Has around 525 member schools with three divisions. 
  • In-Season: Fall (W)/Spring (M)

Required to be Recruited or Must Dos

  • Club team required? Yes 
  • Highlight tape required? Yes
  • Camps recommended? Yes
  • Showcases required? Yes
  • Headcount or equivalency sport? Headcount for women, equivalency for men

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