College Coaches Panel | Women In Sports: Same Game, Double Standard | 2aDays

College Coaches Panel | Women In Sports: Same Game, Double Standard

2aDays hosted a panel of women’s college coaches around the country to shed light on the disparities that exist between men’s and women’s NCAA athletics. This discussion is intended to continue the dialogue surrounding these inequalities and differences that grabbed national attention during the 2021 NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball tournaments.
Coaches featured:

  • Florida, Women’s Soccer Head Coach, Becky Burleigh
  • Michigan, Women’s Softball Head Coach, Carol Hutchins
  • Metropolitan State, Women’s Soccer Volunteer Assistant Coach, Maren McCrary
  • Cal-Berkeley, Women’s Basketball Head Coach, Charmin Smith
  • University of Louisville, Associate Head Basketball Coach, Stephanie Norman
  • Furman University, Women’s Basketball Head Coach, Jackie Carson

Hear from the coaches themselves how they both react to and work through disparities that exist across college sports. Learn how they believe that people can be better supporters of their sports in the pursuit of equality in the world of athletics.

The event was created and run by Jordan Alcon and Eyon Brown

Event moderated by Katie Lever

* Originally published on June 10, 2021, by Jordan Alcon

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