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37 Questions to Ask College Coaches Before You Commit

While on an official visit, it is crucial for you to figure out if the college you are visiting is the right fit for you. So whether you are a DI, II, or III athlete, it is important to ask the coach questions. This will help to determine if the coach, culture, team, and academics are something that you are looking for in a school. We’ve included some questions that you can ask the coach; you can choose the ones that you think will fit your needs. 

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  1. What position do you feel that I might play on your team? 
  2. What type of athlete are you looking for?
  3. Do you feel that my skills will fit your coaching style? (assuming they watched you play)
  4. How many athletes are being recruited for my position?
  5. Where am I on your list of potential recruits for my position?
  6. Do freshmen typically play? 
  7. Do you typically “redshirt” players, and if so can I redshirt my freshman year? 
  8. How are redshirt players treated by other team members? 
  9. Do I fit the physical requirements for my position? If not, what are you looking for? 
  10. Will I receive a written contract? 

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Coach and Coaching Staff Questions

  1. This is an important question – When does your coaching contract end? Do you see yourself coaching here in 4 years?
  2. Is your emphasis on offense or defense during training and games or matches?
  3. What is the training program like in the off-season?
  4. During the season, what is a typical day like?

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  1. What percentage of your players on scholarship graduate in four years?
  2. What is the team’s GPA from last year?
  3. What is the typical class size?
  4. If an athlete needs academic support, what is your process? Do you have tutors, staff, or study hall requirements?
  5. Will I be allowed to make up tests and classes because of my competition schedule? 
  6. What are your policies for missed practices or being late due to class commitments?
  7. How many players take advantage of your academic help? 
  8. How many credits are required for me to keep my financial aid/scholarships?

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The Team

  1. Do the players on the team live in the same dorm?
  2. As a student-athlete will I be required to live on campus for all four years? 
  3. What state or region do most of your players come from? 
  4. How many games are there in a season?
  5. How much travel will the team be doing throughout the year?
  6. What tournaments do you play in?
  7. When does the season begin and end?
  8. What are my off-season responsibilities?
  9. What is team chemistry like? 

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Finances and Scholarships

  1. What expenses does the financial aid and/or scholarship package cover? [Tuition, room, board, books, special assessments, supplies]?
  2. What type of academic scholarships are available? 
  3. What happens to my financial aid if I am injured?
  4. What are my opportunities for employment/internship while I’m a student?
  5. What guidelines do you use to determine the annual renewal of scholarship?
  6. What medical expenses does the college cover? Do I need to have another insurance?

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* Originally published on August 27, 2021, by Keirsten Sires

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