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About Volleyball Showcases

What is a College Showcase?

A college showcase is essentially a tournament where talented volleyball recruits have the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of college coaches. Doing so can help recruits put themselves on multiple coaches’ radars and increase their chances of getting recruited.

Are They a Must?

College showcases definitely help heighten the skill an athlete has and improve their mentality as they go through one. While it may not be a must it is a great booster to get recruited and have a possibility of a scholarship as your skills improve. Showcases are more often than not an invite-only event and are also high in price, which may not be attainable to everyone.

While time is limited for everyone, it is important to decide which event, showcase, camp, or tournament will allow you to grow more and improve your skills. Showcases are a great way to improve your skills if your goal is to go DI. Moreover, DII and DIII schools look more to camps and tournaments that athletes participate in and that they’re also able to attend close to their area or school. 

Showcases are an important way to get noticed and recruited but aren’t the only way! Camps, tournaments and others are also a good way to go about the recruiting process.

How do I get ready? 

  • Know the college coaches who are going to be there (taking an interest in their previous seasons or notable differences from one another is important).
  • Having a QR code that directs coaches to your list of academic and athletic accomplishments is a great way to showcase your abilities when the showcase is over.
  • Individual Performance Preparation--physical, technical, tactical, psychological
  • Research Event--visit website, coaches list, team schedule
  • Request that games be filmed
  • Communicate with CPP Director, Coaches & Team managers about which schools your are interested in, what you want to study, what you’re looking for in a school
  • Communicate with college coaches
  • Set your expectations

Since coaches tend to invite a lots athletes to their showcases, they generally don’t have time to discover recruits who aren’t already on their radar. That’s why you shouldn’t hope to get “discovered” at a showcase—instead, it’s important to communicate with the coach at their showcase

What should I do at the showcase?

  • Communicate with coaches
  • Show your skills 
  • Demonstrate your ability and desire to improve
  • Track college coach attendance--a team manager, or CPP Director can help at events.
  • Update coaches to any changes in schedule or your playing time (i.e- GK’s splitting games or halves)

What should I do after the showcase?

  • Follow Up! Send individual emails to coaches, discuss results, accomplishments, and what's next for you and your team
  • Review game footage and begin saving clips for highlight video
  • Update highlight video with new clips

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