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About Volleyball Club Teams

5 Types of Volleyball Club Teams

Club volleyball has different levels of intensity and it all depends on the skills each player has. All of these can help an athlete get out there and be known. Currently, there are 5 different divisions of club volleyball:

  1. The Open Division is the top level of play out of the five. To qualify for this division, the team must earn a bid by participating in a national qualifier open division event. Here, many recruiters will keep their eyes open on athletes and can get you a lot of exposure.
  2. The National Division is more focused on showcasing regionally strong teams and to allow more teams the opportunity to participate in Junior Nationals
  3. The USA Division is very similar to the National Division but their process is a little different. The team can participate if they earned a bid at a national qualifier or earn their bid from their region
  4. The American Division is the last division in which you can qualify for a national qualifier. 
  5. Lastly, the Patriot Division. There is no need to qualify for this division and is open to anyone who is looking for an end of the season tournament. 

Club Tips

  • It may be the case that some players cannot afford to play club sports and the high school athletic system is their only option. Researching and having profound knowledge of your options will allow you to prioritize and use your available resources in the right places. 
  • It is rare for recruiters to show up to high school games, so try to make as many videos as you can where they can see you play. 
  • Research college camps–there is always a chance you might get funding. 
  • High school teams are also important and a plus when going into the recruiting process. Even though it may not be a very competitive team, it is able to provide a lot of variety when it comes to competition. High schools may have their own playing style, and that is okay. It is always good to have more experience in the sport as this will make you a more adaptable athlete for future opportunities.

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