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6 Best Basketball-Related Gifts

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start looking for gifts for that special someone! If the person that came to mind is an avid basketball fan or athlete, we have just the gifts for you!

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High Price

New shoes
One of the best (yet most expensive) gifts is new shoes. Anyone who plays basketball knows that nothing feels better than a new pair of shoes to wear on a court. Whether the shoes are chosen based on the players they represent, a favorite brand, or comfort, they’re always a great gift.

College/NBA Jerseys
Another expensive, yet great gift for basketball fans are jerseys. Find out if there’s anyone that your friend idolizes either at the college or professional level, and look into buying that jersey! 

Medium Price

Team Apparel
If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper choice, look into team apparel. This usually comes in the form of t-shirts or sweaters, and fulfills the same requirement as a jersey. It is a great option that you know will be used regularly.

Basketball gear is always a good gift for a basketball fan or player, regardless of their skill level. Gear could include a basketball, headband, arm sleeve, ball pump, and more. 

Low Price

Team knick-knacks
If you’re looking for something small to get a basketball fan, look for a team knick-knack. This could be something like a key chain, bumper sticker, license plate cover, or cups. These may be small, but they’re used on a daily basis and will definitely be appreciated.

Shoe additives
One type of shoe additive that is great for basketball players is any type of shoe tack. Shoe tack is a spray used on the bottom of the shoe, helping with traction on courts that may be dusty or slippery. 

Another shoe additive could be aesthetic laces. Sometimes, a cool pair of laces can really bring a shoe together, making your athlete the most stylish player on the court.

* Originally published on November 23, 2021, by Brayden Koch

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