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5 Things I Wish I Would Have Known My Freshman Year With UCLA Beach Volleyball Player Lexy Denaburg

Nobody knows what to expect in their freshman year of college. I mean how should you? There’s not a handbook that you get when you first arrive that tells you exactly what to do. But once you figure it out, it’s a great experience. Lexy Denaburg, a junior beach volleyball player at UCLA tells us a few things she wishes she would have known when she first arrived on campus. 

Manage Your Time

Managing your time is crucial when you are a D1 student-athlete. School can be a lot and on top of that, you’re practicing and lifting more than ever. Understand that you will be busy so finding a schedule that works for you is crucial. Sit down and write in your planner the exact times you have things scheduled throughout the day and then fill in the open times with things like treatment, studying, or rest. 

Remember the 2 Out of 3 Rule 

If you really want to excel in your sport you can’t get caught up in the party life. It’s fun but you can only pick 2 out of the 3: School, sport, party. You can’t have them all so find your priorities if you want to be successful.

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Prioritize Sleep & Nutrition

These two things go so much further than you think. You need enough sleep and the correct food to fuel your body for the intense activity you will constantly be enduring. Once you start focusing on these two things you’ll notice that you are performing much better and it rolls over into your academics and daily life as well. 

Use the Training Room

The training room and athletic trainers are there to help you, so use them. They also help prevent injuries so it’s good to be proactive. Our bodies are doing a lot so most of the time your body needs the extra stuff. Don’t be afraid to go in and ask questions especially if something is starting to feel a little off. 

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Meet People

Put yourself in positive social situations you normally wouldn’t, even if you don’t want to. College is a place where you can meet anyone from anywhere so this will help you grow as a person. Make new friends and branch out–college is about finding yourself and who you want to be and you never will if you don’t challenge yourself. 

Image Credit: UCLA Athletics
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