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4 Best Fitness Apps for College Athletes in 2021

With 2021 coming to a close and the New Year (and new goals!) right around the corner, we all need a good fitness app to keep our athletic goals on-track. These FREE apps reached top charts in 2021!

  1. MyFitnessPal
    This classic will always be at the top. MyFitnessPal brings convenience right to your phone with barcode scanners and nutritional charts. Never worry about not understanding nutrition again. You’re able to log fitness, goals, steps, water intake, exercise, and of course, food intake each day. The versatility offered by MyFitnessPal makes it a great fit for anyone.

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  1. 5K Runner / 10K Runner 
    5K is a beginner app that gives you timed runs. All you have to do is put your headphones in, run when it says run, and walk when it says walk. This is a great way to get yourself into running without overdoing it. The 10K runner is the more advanced version, with the same concept. 
  1. JEFIT Workout Planner
    JEFIT offers a fast and smart way to track your trip to the gym. Track what you’ve been doing, and gain inspiration with their easy to navigate exercise database. You’ll never get bored of your workout with JEFIT.

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  1. 30 Day Fitness at Home 
    This app syncs with your apple health app to automatically upload and keep track of your health and fitness progress. With in-app video instructions and a plethora of workouts to choose from, how can you go wrong?

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