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3 Ways to Become the Best Softball Utility Player

A utility player is a softball player who may not have the offensive abilities to justify a regular starting position, but is capable of playing more than one defensive position. People underestimate the importance of a utility player on a roster. They are often relied on to achieve championships because of their versatility. Having a good utility player can allow for coaches to fully utilize roster spots. Here are some tips on how to be the best softball utility player: 

1. Play Multiple Positions
This is the most obvious step, but also the most important. A utility player is typically just an overall athletic player who can pick up on most positions. As a player, don’t limit yourself to one position. You are much more attractive to a coach if you can play multiple positions. If you play shortstop, ask your coach to give you some reps at second. If you play first, get some reps at third. If you’re an infielder, take some fly balls every now and again. 

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2. Work On Your Speed
Another important aspect of being a utility player is your speed. A coach needs to be able to put you wherever at the drop of the hat. Speed makes you appealing as a player. You can be utilized as a pinch runner to ensure a key run and it can make you more versatile at the plate. 

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3. Have A Solid Bat
You don’t have to be the best hitter on the team to get on the starting lineup. A good utility player should be able to play small ball and get on base. Contact hitting is just as important as power hitting. Consistency is key and sometimes really hard to find at the plate. If you can consistently get on base and move runners, that is just as good as double or a triple. If you can play multiple positions, put the ball in play, and get on base, you are golden!

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