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3 Social Media Influencers You Need to Follow

Everyone needs motivation sometimes. While social media is such a big part of today’s culture, make sure that you’re surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good. 

Take a look at three of the most influential and motivational fitness and athletic influencers on the internet today. Follow them to help you through your athletic goals and New Years Resolutions!

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  1. Jordan Syatt
    Jordan Syatt is a personal strength and nutrition coach. He shares tips and motivation on different social media accounts. He is very knowledgeable and incredibly encouraging. If you need someone to get you motivated to workout, start here! He takes the time to reply to all his followers’ questions and regularly reminds people that they have what it takes to reach their goals. Check him out on Instagram @SyattFitness 
  1. Katrina Wright
    Katrina is the owner of Sculpt You LLC. She creates an authentic and vulnerable platform that everyone is welcome to visit. Creating and sharing at-home workouts and gym workouts, Katrina makes sure that her followers have the correct form and that they feel comfortable in whatever skin they’re in. She also offers monthly workout programs for you to sign up for, meal planning, recipes, and a self-care program. Visit Katrina on Instagram @collegecleaneating @thesculptyou and @theselfcarespace 
  1. James Stirling 
    James Stirling focuses on sustainability in his routines. Measurable and realistic goals are his key to successful fitness journeys. His posts are easy to follow and cater to everyone’s accessibility, no matter where they are or what equipment they have at their disposal. Everyone needs his positive and authentic motivation. See James on Instagram @london_fitness_guy

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* Originally published on December 28, 2021, by Christie Ackendorf

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